Sneezing Cats

A sneeze from a cat is cute, or if a saying is right, an omen of an impending storm.  But when a sneeze comes out too many, sneezing cats are definitely not an amusement, as the situation could be a serious health matter. 

When cats continuously sneeze, it could be an indication of an infection in the upper respiratory tract.  If done with alternate attempts to vomit, the nasal passages may be obstructed with a foreign body.  The cat needs immediate attention to help take out the obstruction.  Definitely, sneezing cats and choking cats are quite dangerously identical.  In both cases, a loving attention is needed. 


A common cause for cat sneezing is allergy.  Chemicals they get in contact with can sometimes cause them to sneeze uncontrollably.  Some examples of these are perfumes that are too strong,  insect sprays, cigarette smoke and insect sprays.  Dust from very fine cat litters can also irritate the nose and contribute to the sneezing fit.

In some cases, acute dental problems such as an advanced stage of tooth abscess can infect the nasal region.  Frequent sneezing rooted from severe dental ailments can best be avoided by regular dental checkups.  It will also help to keep the cat’s mouth bacteria free through proper brushing and using an effective brand of cat toothpaste. 
One doesn’t need to wait for cats to sneeze out blood to learn of a nasal cancer.  Early detection as well as empathy in their sneezing behavior can help rule out complications in sneezing cats.