Himalayan Cat Problems

Longhaired felines like the Himalayan cats are very popular. This breed of cat is a cross between Persian and Siamese cats. This well-loved cat has a flat face and a coat that come in colors like brown, chocolate, or cream. Like any other cats or pets, humans sometimes encounter some Himalayan cat health problems.

Common Health Problems

The most common problem for cats like the Himalayan that have long hair is hairball. Since cats are really meticulous about their grooming, they tend to swallow a lot of their own hair as they lick their coats off regularly. This results to hair getting accumulated at the digestive tract of the cat. The natural process is for the cat to throw it out through its mouth. The problem begins when the hairball gets stuck in the stomach and it gets bigger. It may block the tracts hindering proper digestion or even breathing. Helping to groom the cats could help.

Their flat and depressed noses also pose some problems at times because of difficulty in breathing which result to permanently teary eyes. This needs regular wiping from the human. Since the Himalayans have been through inbreeding processes earlier on, there are some genetic defects that can result to failing organs, or sometimes Polycystic Kidney Diseases. It is best to have your vet consulted immediately for any abnormalities in the cat's appearance, or if there are unusual symptoms that stay which makes you worried sick.

The veterinarians always know what to do once they have fully examined your pet for any Himalayan cat health problems.