Getting A Kitten

You've looked into various cat breeds and now, after proper thought and planning, the big day has arrived! You will find that a kitten is a delightful addition to your home. You can find yourself spending hours playing with her and even just watching her play. However, a kitten exploring the world can get into all sorts of mischief from your point of view. So be prepared to put away your Ming vase and other valuables, and expect lots of scratches on the furniture unless you have an active deterrence policy. You also need to decide if you, like many pet owners, are going to allow your kitten to sleep on the bed, stay in the house or put kitty out on the porch at night.

What You Will Need

When you bring kitty home for the first time, you will want to have everything in place -

· two bowls - one for food, the other for water as well as a designated place far away from the litter tray -make sure they are always kept clean as cats are very fastidious creatures

· a suitable place for the cat litter tray, - if you have the space your powder room can be an excellent choice

· a cat basket for her to sleep in

· a cat carrying box so you can not only bring kitty home, but also take her to the vet whenever you need to

· a cat collar and name tag so she can be returned to you if she gets lost

· cat food - start off with the cat food she is familiar with and gradually experiment until you find a brand that both she and you prefer

· one or two toys for her to play with like a catnip mouse or a small lightweight ball

· a scratching post for her claws - declawing a cat is now considered very cruel

Introducing Kitty To Your Home

Make sure to keep kitty shut in the house for a few days until she gets used to your home. Introduce her to her litter tray and just move her paw a few times and then, assuming you got her after she was already litter-trained, she should know where to go. Show her where her eating area is and give her some water and food. Don't be surprised if at first she hides under the furniture and keeps out of the way until she is hungry. She will soon get over her shyness and start to explore her new environment. If you have the room, getting two kittens from the same litter will give kitty a companion and prevent her getting lonely, especially if you are out of the house a lot. However, it will mean they will bond together more and may bond less with you, unlike a solo cat.

The Vet

Even if she has already had her shots, you will want to take her to your local vet to give her a once over. After all, you want to make sure she doesn't have any hidden serious problems

 like cat anemia, which can sometimes happen even with the most reputable breeder. A regular moggie also needs a health check and jabs just as much as a pure breed, so ensure your new kitty's good health by introducing her to the vet while she is still familiarizing herself with the world. You can also use the opportunity to ask your vet's advice about taking care of your new cat.