Cat Hairball Remedy

Each time your pet cat grooms himself he gets to swallow some of his own hair. Hair, as we know it, do not get digested so they just get stuck in the stomach lining and slowly build up. This is especially worrisome when the cat has long hair.  When a wad of hair forms in the stomach, the cat's system ejects it as hairballs. For wads that are not let out, here's a cat hairball remedy.

Dealing With Hairballs

For the less serious ones, the best thing to do with hairball is to do nothing but to wait for the stuff and clean after the cat. Once that wad of hair is out, your cat should be fine. But, this is a process that repeats for as long as your cat will continue grooming himself up. Help him out by:

Brushing him up regularly even just a bit every few days. This will help remove the loose hair that can cause hairballs. You can also let him use a brushing device where he can brush himself up every now and then. There should be one available in your favorite pet store.

Ease the passing by using lubrication. There are hairball remedies like melted butter or petroleum jelly. The latter is the cheapest and the most effective but also, the most difficult to introduce to the cat. Butter is a faster option since cats willingly will swallow. Half a teaspoon of melted butter once a day for a few days will do as a cat hairball remedy. There are other commercial remedies you can use. Make sure you read instructions carefully.