Cat Bad Breath

Much like in humans, halitosis in cats can be an indication of a more serious illness.  Cat bad breath is a major killjoy if you want to show off your much beloved pet.  You can easily determine if your cat has bad breath by simply smelling its breath.  Does it have a normal cat’s breath smell or an offensive stench?  As a cat lover, you know what a normal cat breath’s smell is. 

What To Do?

The first thing to consider is any sudden dietary change.  The new food introduced to your cat may have adverse chemical reactions in his stomach that causes the cat bad breath.  Revert to the original diet and see if it improves.  Needless to say, if confirmed that the food is the culprit, nutrition is not the only thing important in this world, especially for a social animal like the cat.  Help your cat avoid halitosis by paying attention to the effects of the food it eats.  A healthy body and a fresh breath is needed for cats to mingle with their adoring humans.

Another possible source of cat halitosis is a build up of bacteria in the mouth.  Proper oral hygiene should be practiced to avoid dental cavities, plaques and tartars.  Some enzymes are mixed with cat food ingredients to help prevent tartar buildup.  Purchase cat foods containing these enzymes.   Take advantage of the cat toothpastes and toothbrushes available in the market to support oral hygiene for these pets.

The most important among the facts discussed is the requisite consultation with a veterinarian.  The problem may be deeply rooted with serious health issues like dental tumors, kidney disease or feline leukemia.  Cat bad breath can be prevented, especially with a lot of love and care.