Cat Arthritis

Cats are known to be naturally agile and athletic. These animals are popular to be sleek and light, with acute sense of balance. This will lead one to wonder though, how in the world could a cat get cat arthritis?

Cats have the ability of landing on their feet because of their boneless forelegs. With these legs not connected to the rest of their skeleton, they are least likely to suffer from orthopaedic problems even in compromising falls. Nevertheless, they are still prone to suffer from arthritis, the most common form being traumatic arthritis (sprain) and osteoarthritis.

Sprain results from a sudden injury to the cats’ joints. This happens after an accident or a strong impact with a speeding vehicle or due to an awkward fall. Osteoarthritis is the wearing and the tearing of the joints due to recurring sprains in the past. This type of cat arthritis commonly affects the elbow and the shoulder joints.

A sudden limp in a cat should be taken seriously, because just like in humans, arthritis is a rather painful condition. This pain becomes worse during damp and cold weather. Depending on its severity, cat arthritis in the simplest, uncomplicated state can be treated with a long rest. Anti-inflammatory medicines should also be given. Worse conditions of feline arthritis should be seen by an expert veterinarian for the affected joint to be constructed with supportive dressings. Physiotheraphy, massaging the joints and keeping the cat’s body warm will also be a great relief.

Arthritis in cats may progress if left untreated. Any cat lover will never want to see their sleek cat to limp.