Cat Acne

Just like humans, a cat’s skin pores can also get clogged whenever there is an oversecretion of oil by the sebaceous glands. However, cats do not have to wait for their teenage years to get pimples. Cat acne can sprout at any time of a cat’s life and in any area of its face. Nevertheless, the most common site these zits can be seen are on the chin.

A severe case of acne can cause hair loss and skin pigmentation. A reddish hue will be left in the affected area long after the acne is gone. Acne marks or black spots are also some after effects of this skin condition. Yeast infection and staph bacterial infection may be misconstrued as acne because they have appearances similar with it. These mentioned conditions however, are more serious, and needs immediate treatment.


Bringing your cat to a veterinarian is one of the wisest ways to make this condition retreat. This is because the cat will be subjected to the much needed antibiotics. Depending on the severity of the situation, treatment can last up to three weeks.
For deep lesions caused by cat acne, faster skin healing can be realized by using Epsom salt compresses. This method is administered with a separate mixture of two tablespoons of salt in every quart of medium hot water. Using a soft, thin towel, soak the cloth first into the warm salt water solution, then into the Epsom salt liquid. Rest the towel on top of the acne, letting the liquid solution linger unto the skin. This will surely quicken the drying and the healing process of cat acne.

Acne is something humans never really appreciate. If cats can talk, they will surely share the same sentiments.