Cat Absess

Just as people wouldn’t want zits on their faces, cats with their vanity, will not wish for abscess as well to ruin their beauties! Besides, cat abscess can be very physically irritating for these animals. It robs the felines of their much desired sleep because it can be very itchy in some conditions.

Cats’ innate playfulness sometimes leads them to minor accidents that can result to bodily punctures. These punctures are caused by cat fights (mock or real ones) or by splinters, grass seeds, bushes or any material that cats stumble upon in their play. The cat abscess is formed when bacteria enters through the puncture, lodging into the skin’s underlying tissues. The severity of the abscess will depend on the kind of bacteria present and the ability of the cat’s immune system to fight this infection. Ill effects of abscesses are lethargy, loss of appetite and fever which will occur in several days after the wound was initially acquired.


Treatment of an abscess can be administered by a veterinarian through lancing and draining the pus, certainly not for the faint of heart. It would also help to encourage natural discharge by clipping away the surrounding fur. This is helpful when the pus spontaneously ruptures.

Finally, it would be better to avoid any type of wound to develop into a full blown infection by paying attention to possible symptoms. If the cat doesn’t want to be touched because he feels pain on certain body parts, it could mean that he is physically wounded. Being less active, loss of appetite and a warm body temperature can also indicate formation of a cat abscess. Be aware of these signs and keep gorgeous cats as they are.